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The Kozhikode Metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of Kozhikode in Kerala, India. Currently Kozhikode Metro network has 0 active stations. Find important and useful information like Kozhikode Metro route, metro lines, service operation timings, first train, last train, route map, fare chart, top attractions near metro station, metro station nearby, news and more.

OperatorKerala Rapid Transit Corporation (KRTC)

Kozhikode Metro Route Map

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Kozhikode Metro Fare Chart

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Interesting Facts about Kozhikode Metro

  • Kozhikode Light Metro is a proposed Light Metro system for the city of Kozhikode (Calicut), in India.
  • The proposal was to have a corridor connecting Meenchanda to the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital through the heart of the city.
  • The State Cabinet then decided to form a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to implement monorail projects in Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram.
  • As per the proposal for Metro, it would start from Karipur Airport, touching Ramanattukara, Meenchanda, Mini- Bypass, Arayadathupalam and culminate at the Medical College.
  • An estimated 2,083,000 people would get the benefits of the new transportation system by 2031.
  • The project, which can be partly finished within three years, will be economically and technically feasible.

About Kozhikode Metro

Kozhikode Light Metro is an Urban Light Rail Transit (LRT) system consisting of 1 line and 14 stations proposed in the Kozhikode city of Kerala.

The 13.3 km Stage 1 project of the Kozhikode Metro will be set up by the Kerala Rapid Transit Corporation Limited (KRTL), a Special Projects Vehicle (SPV) of the Government of Kerala. In 2016, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DRC) was appointed as interim consultant, but the project was abandoned in 2018 due to slow progress.

In 2017, the project was put on hold due to high cost and low ridership estimates that were not up to the standards of the new metro rail policy of the Government of India.

The designs prepared by the firms were approved by the Retail Board of Democrats Company in October 2020 and by the State Government of Kerala in February 2021.

Kozhikode Metro Phase 1 Route

Line 1 – Meenchanda to Kozhikode Medical College

  • Length: 13.3 km
  • Type: Elevated
  • Depot: Medical College
  • Number of Stations: 14
  • Station Names: Meenchanda, Vattakkinar, Panniyankara, Kallayi, Pushpa, Kozhikode Railway Station, Palayam, Mananchira, KSRTC, New Bus Stand, Kottuli, Thondayad, Chevayur and Medical College

Kozhikode Metro News & Updates

Kerala Rapid Transit Corporation Ltd. (KRTL), a special-purpose corporation set up by the Kerala Government, has proposed to construct a light metro system in Kozhikode, Kerala, alternatively referred to as the Kozhikode Metro.

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Kozhikode Metro FAQs

𝒜. Kerala Rapid Transit Corporation (KRTC) operates Kozhikode Metro system.

𝒜. First service of Kozhikode Metro service begins on .

𝒜. Kozhikode Metro system has 0 Metro Lines (active/fucntional).

𝒜. Kozhikode Metro trains have coaches.

𝒜. Kozhikode Metro timings are: .

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