Inderlok to Moti Nagar Metro Route

Green Main Line Platform 3
Towards Brigadier Hoshiyar Singh
Ashok Park Main
Change for Green Branch Line Platform 2
Towards Kirti Nagar
Ashok Park Main
Satguru Ram Singh Marg
Kirti Nagar
Change for Blue Main Line Platform 2
Towards Dwarka Sector 21
Kirti Nagar
Moti Nagar

Inderlok to Moti Nagar first metro, last metro, distance
First Metro From Source
⏱ 05:18 AM
Last Metro From Source
⏱ 11:27 PM
Travel Time Approx Duration.
⏱ 0:32:43 hh:mm:ss
Total Distance Approx Distance.
⛗ 18 KM
Total Stops Source Excluded.
◉ 5 Stations
Interchange No. of Train Changes.
☵ 2 Change
Token Fare Per Person.
₹ 40 DMRC
Smart Card Fare After Discount.
₹ 36 DMRC
Discounted Fare For Sunday & National Holidays (2nd Oct, 15th Aug, 26th Jan).
₹ 30 DMRC
💁 Note: The information provided is for reference only.

🧷 Safety Tips

  • Beware of pickpockets.
  • Don't use mobile while onboard/deboard.
  • Don't use mobile at coach gates.
  • Don't force to open the coach gates.
  • Don't be personal with strangers.