Automative Square to Lokmanya Nagar Metro Route

Orange Line
Towards Khapri
Automative Square
Nari Road
Indora Square
Kadvi Square
Gaddigodam Square
Kasturchand Park
Zero Mile
Change for Aqua Line
Towards Lokmanya Nagar
Jhasi Rani Square
Institute of Engineers
Shankar Nagar Square
LAD College
Dharampeth College
Subhash Nagar
Rachana Ring Road Junction
Vasudev Nagar
Bansi Nagar
Lokmanya Nagar

Automative Square to Lokmanya Nagar first metro, last metro, distance
First Metro From Source
⏱ 06:00 AM
Last Metro From Source
⏱ 10:00 PM
Travel Time Approx Duration.
⏱ 0:43:38 hh:mm:ss
Total Distance Approx Distance.
⛗ 24 KM
Total Stops Source Excluded.
◉ 18 Stations
Interchange No. of Train Changes.
☵ 1 Change
Token Fare Per Person.
₹ 41
Smart Card Fare After Discount.
₹ 36.9
Discounted Fare For Sunday & National Holidays (2nd Oct, 15th Aug, 26th Jan).
₹ -
💁 Note: The information provided is for reference only.

🧷 Safety Tips

  • Beware of pickpockets.
  • Don't use mobile while onboard/deboard.
  • Don't use mobile at coach gates.
  • Don't force to open the coach gates.
  • Don't be personal with strangers.