Places to Visit in Meerut

A developing city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Meerut is an ancient city with civilization that dates back to the Indus Valley. It is approximately 65 Km from the capital city of Delhi. Meerut is a city with immense historical significance as it played a vital role in the 1857 revolt. Meerut has a long history associated with it as Kaurvas Empire, Hastinapur was a part of the city. One of the biggest Cantonment areas is found in Meerut. The Gazzak, scissors and variety of sports goods of Meerut are very popular. The city is also famous as the sports centre of India.

Covering attraction's type of Meerut: Church, Garden, Hindu Temple, Jain Temple, Lakes, Monument, Water Park, etc.

Augharnath Mandir, Meerut

Augharnath Mandir | #1 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

The ancient shrine of Lord Shiva, Meerut’s Augharnath Temple is the most visited temple in the city. The Shiva Linga present in this temple is thought to be a Swayambhu or self-manifested, thus very popular with the worshippers of Shiva. The shrine is deeply associated with history as it played a major role in the freedom struggle of India. Despite the Shiva Linga you can also see the idols of Goddess Durga and Radha Krishna within the premises. People come in huge numbers on Purnima and Mahashivratri as it is chiefly a temple of Lord Shiva.

Fees & Timings: Augharnath Mandir open from 06:00 am to 08:30 pm, all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Meerut Cantt, Meerut

Place Type: Religious - Hindu Temple

Bhole Ki Jhaal, Meerut

Bhole Ki Jhaal | #2 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

A significant dam in Meerut, Bhole ki Jhaal is responsible for fulfilling the electricity needs of the city. People in huge numbers come here as it is a famous picnic spot where tourists and locals get together to enjoy the serenity and exquisiteness of this place. Lot of stalls are set up there in the evening where one can enjoy local dishes. People consider it a favourite spot to relax here. There is no entry fee for this place. A temple of Lord Shiva in close vicinity is also a must visit destination here. People can also enjoy swimming here as the water is not very deep over here.

Fees & Timings: Bhole ki Jaal open from 06:00 am to 07:00 pm, all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Upper Ganga Canal Rd, Sisola Khurd

Place Type: Sightseeing - Lakes

Digambar Jain Temple, Meerut

Digambar Jain Temple | #3 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

For an absorbing peep into the traditions and culture of Jains, the Digambar Jain Temple is a place for it. This temple is 100 of years old and houses two significant altars. Tikal Wale Bala-an ancient God in one of the temples is believed to be very big-hearted and it is said that all your wishes are granted over here. The 7 feet tall statue of Bhagwan Parshwanath is decorated with stunning silks. Five other altars wrap up Digambar Jain Temple as complete and it has lofty spires. The recent renovation of the temple has enhanced its look. The top of the temple has a snake sculpture, which is remarkable. The intricate work on the 6 feet tall statue of Mahaveer is the highlight of this place.

Fees & Timings: Digambar Jain Temple open 24 hours all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Irrigation Colony, Pallavpuram, Meerut

Place Type: Religious - Jain Temple

Draupadi Ki Rasoi, Meerut

Draupadi Ki Rasoi | #4 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

Nicely placed on the banks of River Buriganga, Draupadi’s Kitchen is a wonderful monument in Meerut. There is a famous fable that Pandvas wife, Draupdai used to cook food here for the whole family. Lord Krishna also visited this place when Pandavas were staying in Hastinapur during their exile. On his visit Lord Krishna asked for some food and Draupadi did not have anything to offer. At that point of time Krishna created a wonder vessel that could provide an unrestricted supply of delicious food in Draupadi’s kitchen. Currently, it is a famous picnic spot adjacent to the Draupadi Ghat. For history buffs it is a thrilling place.

Fees & Timings: Draupadi Ki Rasoi open from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm, all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Meerut

Place Type: Sightseeing - Monument

Fantasy World Water Park, Meerut

Fantasy World Water Park | #5 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

If you want to beat the heat of Meerut and chill out with your family and friends then Fantasy World Water Park is a place for you. It will cheer up all and bring smiles on your faces, the moment you enter this park. A dream like recreational park with exciting, enlivening and thrilling water slides and rides. This place is unique and different and match the standards of metro cities. Multilane water rides are the highlight of this place. There are fountains all around and the swimming pools are of decent size. On the whole, a great place to unwind away from the din and bustle of the city life.

Fees & Timings: Fantasy World Water Park open from 10:30 am to 06:30 pm, Entry for adult (Mon to Fri) Rs.500 (Sat/Sun) Rs 600, Child (Mon to Fri) Rs 350, (Sat/Sun) R

Location: National Highway 58, Partapur Tihara Bypass, Meerut

Place Type: Fun n Activity - Water Park

Gandhi Bagh, Meerut

Gandhi Bagh | #6 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

One of the ancient parks in Meerut, Gandhi Bagh was constructed by the East India Company. Situated on the Mall Road in the centre of the city, Meerut, the place is famous for a show of musical fountain that takes place every evening. The lush green environs of this British spot attract people in huge numbers. The greenery is mainly due to dense Mulberry, Mango, and Bamboo trees. Currently, the place is maintained by the Meerut Cantonment Board and renovation is going on to enhance the level of the park and add beautiful playing area for children, boat rides, camel and car rides. It also houses a walking trek path and a cricket ground thus making it an ideal picnic spot for family and friends.

Fees & Timings: Gandhi Bagh open from 06:00 am to 08:00 pm, all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Gandhi Rd, Meerut Cantt, Meerut

Place Type: Sightseeing - Garden

Hastinapur, Meerut

Hastinapur | #7 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

Hastinapur very closely linked with Mahabharata has lot of tales to tell from those times. Located on the edge of the River Ganga, Hastanipur is a birth ground of 3 Jain Teerthankara, and today Jain pilgrims come in galore to visit this place. It was ruled by the Pandavs after they won it from Kauravas when they won the battle of Mahabharta. The city has lived down the ages but at the same time has sustained the fortitude of mythology, active. Hastinapur was a significant portion of the epic and every corner of the town was a part of that major battle so all the localities have some incredible story to share.

Fees & Timings: No Timings. No Entry Fee.

Location: Meerut

Place Type: Religious - Hindu Temple

Mustafa Castle, Meerut

Mustafa Castle | #8 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

This historical castle in Meerut was constructed in the fond memory of Nawab Mustafa Khan Shaifta. His son Nawab Mohammad Ishak Khan constructed it in the year 1900. Mustafa Castle is among the historical landmarks of Meerut. The castle is known for its illustrious architecture. The place is known to have carried out the political proceedings during India’s independence struggle. Amazingly crafted wooden furniture, artefacts, paintings from all across the world beautifies the splendour of Mustafa Castle. So, if you want to visit the historical places in Meerut, Mustafa Castle is one of them.

Fees & Timings: Mustafa Castle open from 07:00 am to 06:00 pm, all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: 210-A, Westend Road Cantt, Sadar Bazaar, Meerut

Place Type: Sightseeing - Monument

Saint John's Church, Meerut

Saint John's Church | #9 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

One of the oldest in the city, Saint John's Church in the city of Meerut is the largest and can accommodate nearly 3000 people for a prayer meeting. This traditional church has lush green gardens all around, which offers a wonderful picturesque view. Constructed in the year 1819, Church is a landmark in Meerut. East India Company built it and it falls in the district of Agra. The lofty columns and distinctive architectural approach makes it a must visit destination in Meerut. It is situated in the cantonment area and St John's Cemetery is also found here.

Fees & Timings: Saint John's Church open from 07:00 am to 06:00 pm, all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Jattiwara, Meerut,

Place Type: Religious - Church

Shahid Smarak, Meerut

Shahid Smarak | #10 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

One of the most beautiful and well-maintained spots in Meerut, Shaheed Smarak is an integral part of the 1857 revolt. Situated in close proximity to the Company Gardens, this monument houses some significant events during the main national holidays of India. Shahid samarak also houses the Freedom Struggle Museum run by the government which came into existence in 1997. The museum has preserved some of the important documents which are used for information and educational requirements. There are two galleries within the museum that comprises of paintings and artefacts of those times

Fees & Timings: Shahid Smarak open from 06:00 am to 05:30 pm, all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Brooke Street, Meerut

Place Type: Sightseeing - Monument

Shapir, Meerut

Shapir | #11 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

Shapir or Dargah is a burial place of Shahpeer Saheb in Meerut. It was built in 1628 by queen, Noor Jahan during the Mughal era. It was constructed to honour the teacher of Emperor Jahangir, Hazrat Shahpeer who also was a consultant to the queen. The monument, the adjoining pillars and the lush green gardens all around makes Shapir, a must-visit destination in the city. The monument is built of bright red stones, which gives the monument an appealing facade under the sunset sky. Every year large number of people throngs this place during the Ramadan month as a religious fair is held over here.

Fees & Timings:

Location: Meerut

Place Type: Sightseeing - Monument

Suraj Kund Temple, Meerut

Suraj Kund Temple | #12 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

Suraj Kund Temple is among the popular temple in the city of Meerut. It was constructed by a businessman, Lawar Jawaharlal in the early part of 18th century. The lush green environs of the temple is a perfect place for jogging, walking, exercising and unwinding yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. An earthen pond also called the Kund, which has both historical and mythological significance. The statue of Swami Vivekananda and the Indian Flag are also the part of the temple as they are within the premises

Fees & Timings: Suraj Kund Temple open from 05:00 am to 09:00 pm, all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Lane No 3, Gandhi Nagar, Meerut

Place Type: Religious - Hindu Temple

Vidur Ka Tila, Meerut

Vidur Ka Tila | #13 of Top 13 Places to Visit in Meerut

If history is what fascinates you then Vidura Ka Tila, located on the bank of Buriganga River is a must visit destination in Meerut. It is an archaeological site and has hillock as tall as 55-60 Feet. It is said to be the residence of Vidura, who was an intelligent thinker during the time of Kauravas. He was known among people for his intelligence and wisdom. Many persons who were unable to solve their issues came to him from distant places for his advice. You can enjoy stunning sunset views from this Tila. The serenity of this place is truly mesmerizing.

Fees & Timings: Draupadi Ki Rasoi open from 08:00 am to 07:00 pm, all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Meerut

Place Type: Sightseeing - Monument

Meerut City FAQs:

𝒜. Meerut famous for sports and Gazak. It is also the sports capital of India and with the availability of 3500 hectares of industrial land and proximity of Delhi it is developing as the industrial hub.

𝒜. The best time to visit Meerut is between the winter months of October to February. During this time, the temperature ranges between 10°C and 25°C making it ideal for sightseeing and exploring.

𝒜. Meerut is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is an ancient city, with settlements dating back to the Indus Valley civilisation having been found in and around the area

𝒜. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Airstrip is an airstrip/aerodrome, situated at Partapur of Meerut, in Uttar Pradesh, India. The airstrip, spread across 47 acres, has only non scheduled chartered flights.

𝒜. Name of railway station(s) in Meerut city: Meerut City Junction, Meerut Cantonment, Pabli Khas Railway station, Partapur Railway station, Daurala

𝒜. Malls and Shopping places in Meerut city: Shopprix Mall,City Square Mall (Melange Mall), PVS Mall, S2S Square Centre, Era Mall, Melange Mall, Abu Plaza, surya shopping centre, Rap Magnum Mall, navvar shopping mall, Sai Plaza

𝒜. Famous Religious places in Meerut city: Augarnath Temple, Kali Paltan Mandir, Sri Ganesh Temple, Shiv Mandir, Sani Dev Mandir, Old Shiv Mandir, Mata Rani and Shiv Temple, Hanuman Mandir, Naghesvore Temple, Raj Mandir, Sai Temple, Hanuman Temple, Naghesvore Temple, Mata Mansa Devi Mandir

𝒜. Fun and Activity places in Meerut city: Sadar Bazaar, Fairy World, Central market meerut, Rto Market, Lodhi Gol Market, Valley Bazaar, Jain Nagar Market, Gol Market, Garden Hills Bar and Resaturant, Fantasy world-water park in meerut

𝒜. Following are the names of major bus terminals of the Meerut city: Garh Bus Stand, Shorab Gate Bus Stand, Mawana Bus Stand, Meerut Bus Stand, Baghpat Bus Stand, Radha Govind Bus Station, Meerut - Bulandshahr roadways bus stand, Tejgarhi Bus Stop, Buxar Bus Stand

𝒜. No. Currently metro rail facility of Meerut city is under proposal or construction.