Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Formerly known as Calicut it is the legendary seaport where Vasco da Gama had first set his foot and discovered India. The area became a hot spot of commercial activity between Arab, Chinese, and East African traders and emerged as the most crucial region of the Malabar Coast. Other than its historical and commercial significance the destination is widely acclaimed for its idyllic settings serene beaches, panoramic countryside, wildlife sanctuaries, treasured museums, waterfalls, rivers, and hills. Kozhikode city is the prime marketing center for produce like coconut, pepper, rubber, coffee, lemongrass oil, cashew nuts, etc. Owing to its elaborate export network it has been named the noble emporium of India.

Covering attraction's type of Kozhikode: Art Gallary, Beach, Bird Sanctuary, Church, Craft village, Dam, Fishing Harbour, Garden, Hill, Hindu Temple, Light House, Mosque, Paintings , Planetarium, Street Food, Town, Waterfalls, etc.

Beypore, Kozhikode

Beypore | #1 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

A perfect hideout from the chaos and monotony of the urbanity. Located at a distance of 11 km from Kozhikode at the mouth of River Chaliyar. Beypore Beach used to be an important fishing harbor of Erstwhile India and is well known for its 1500 years old shipbuilding yard. Bound by clear skies above, lined by golden sandy beaches and dotted by tall coconut this is a happening vacation destination in Kerala. One can immerse in the beauty by enjoying long walks along its shimmering sandy beaches, swimming in its shallow waters, pampering oneself at ayurvedic massage centers, and indulging in adventure sports. There are several eateries serving specialties to pamper one's taste buds.

Fees & Timings: Beypore Beach timings 12:00 am to 12:00 pm all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Kozhikode

Place Type: Sightseeing - Fishing Harbour

Calicut Planetarium, Kozhikode

Calicut Planetarium | #2 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Situated in the JafferKhan Colony in Kozhikode the Regional Science Centre and Planetarium in Kozhikode aspires to propagate science, spread awareness through active interaction and participation. Equipped with a projection system from Carl Zeiss in Germany, a 250 seater capacity, a high definition 3D theatre the planetarium hosts as many as 1200 shows yearly facilitating the science enthusiasts to explore the secrets of the universe. It houses three permanent galleries that display numerous experiments and models intending to nurture the willingness to know the science behind the scenes. Other amenities include children’s activity nook, a well-stocked library, an aquarium, and a telescope corner.

Fees & Timings: Calicut Planetarium timings 12:00 pm to 02:00 pm, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Monday close), Entry fee Rs 25

Location: Jaffer Khan Colony Rd, Near New Bus Stand, Kozhikode, Kerala

Place Type: Museum - Planetarium

Elathur, Kozhikode

Elathur | #3 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Located at about 12 km North from the city of Kozhikode lies a quaint village in picturesque surroundings. Bound by a lake on one side, and a river on the other, Elathur is well connected by road and rail. The place is ideal for visitors who want to unwind while soaking their spirits in the beauty of nature. It is a gastronome's paradise. Acclaimed for its savory seafood, including crabs, lobsters, freshwater fishes, mussels, and local palm drink toddy it presents a complete beachside experience. It houses the Conolly canal which links with Korapuzha to Kallayi and the whole network together forms Elathur Backwaters. Sacred groves in the nearby area house different species of animals,birds, and orchids

Fees & Timings: Elathur timings 06:00 am to 09:00 pm, No entry Fee.

Location: Kozhikode 11 kms, Kannur route, Elathur Panchayat, Kozhikode

Place Type: Sightseeing - Town

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Kozhikode

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary | #4 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Located in the Malappuram district around 19kms away from Kozhikode the sanctuary extends over a cluster of islands in Kadalundi river guarded by hillocks. The view of the river leading into the Arabian sea is breathtaking. With over sixty intriguing avian species like seagulls, sandpipers,whimbrels, herons, terns, cormorants, egrets, hornbills, and also the brahmin kites. etc. the sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers. It is also home to several species of butterflies, fishes, crabs, mussels, and turtles. With the boat ride facility available the visitors can also enjoy the lush panoramic views of surrounding mangrove forests. It is a perfect hangout spot for picture-perfect moments away from the hullabaloo of the city.

Fees & Timings: Kadalundi Birds Sanctuary timings 05:00 am to 12:00 pm and 04:00 pm to 09:00 pm all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Station Road, near Kadalundi, Kadalundi, Kerala

Place Type: Sightseeing - Bird Sanctuary

Kakkayam Dam, Kozhikode

Kakkayam Dam | #5 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Kakkayam the panoramic dam site ideal getaway to spend quality time with loved ones. Located at about 15 km from the Kakkayam Bus stop the place has a lot to offer. The area remains surrounded by hills, dense forests, waterfalls, streams, and much more. It features several adventurous activities like trekking, boating, walking past the jungle. An 87-year-old giant tree called "Tholaranji" greets the visitors at the start of the trek. The dam site is also a hot spot of rich biodiversity. Several animals including elephants, bison, etc can be easily spotted here. It also harbors a wide variety of birds and butterflies. Other attractions in the proximity include The hanging bridge, Kariyathan rock, Kakkayam valley, and Urukkuzhi Waterfalls.

Fees & Timings: Kakkayam timings 06:00 am to 08:00 pm, Entry Fee adult Rs 40 and foreigner Rs 300 .

Location: Koorachundu in Kozhikode, Kerala

Place Type: Sightseeing - Dam

Kozhikode Beach, Kozhikode

Kozhikode Beach | #6 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

The unmatched beauty of the beach captivates one and all. It is an exemplar of the essence of Kozhikode and this is what makes it unique. Located at a distance of 3kms from the railway station in the town area it is a hot spot of activity for locals and tourists alike. The beach served as a port in the yesteryears and bears vestiges of the colonial era in the form of two piers and a lighthouse. The beauty of the place enhances manifold during the sunrise and sunset hours. Other attractions here include a Dolphin Point, where dolphins indulging in playful activity can be spotted effortlessly, eateries, local bazaar, kid's park, interesting statues, and a Marine aquarium.

Fees & Timings: Kozhikode Beach timings 08:00 am to 08:00 pm all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Western side of Kozhikode, Malabar Coast of India

Place Type: Sightseeing - Beach

Kozhippara Falls, Kozhikode

Kozhippara Falls | #7 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

The enchanting waterfall is located on the Chokkad stream in high ranges of Malappuram located near Kozhippara. It is an apt destination for those seeking a quick escape. The mellifluous sound of the water falling from the cascade and the sheath of mist enwrapping the view together creates an ethereal effect. It remains surrounded by lush green panoramic views, dense forests, captivating landscape. It attracts several adventure enthusiasts, rock climbers trekkers, and bird watchers. It is an ideal location to spot exotic species of birds and animals. It is believed that the Kuthradampuzha River, flowing in this region has revitalizing qualities and can cure skin ailments.

Fees & Timings: Kozhippara falls timings 09:30 am to 04:30 pm, No entry Fee.

Location: 380, YMCA Cross Road, Kozhikode, Kerala

Place Type: Sightseeing - Waterfalls

Krishna Menon Museum, Kozhikode

Krishna Menon Museum | #8 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Krishna Menon Museum, located in East Hill around 7kms from the town area in Kozhikode district. the museum takes its name after late V.K. Krishna Menon, a national leader from the state who served as the Defense Minister of India. The museum offers visitors a peek into the rich cultural heritage and history of the state. A special wing of the museum is dedicated to him and exhibits his personal belongings, keepsakes, and gifted souvenirs. The museum is also acclaimed for its excellent collection of paintings by Ravi Raja Varma and Raja Raja Varma. Other attractions near the museum include Kappad Beach, Pazhassi Raja Art Gallery, and Museum, Matri Dei Cathedral, etc.

Fees & Timings: Krishna Menon Museum timings 10:00 am to 5.00 pm, Entry fee Rs 40

Location: Near Kendriya Vidyalaya, East Hill, Kozhikode, Kerala

Place Type: Museum - Paintings

Lion's Park, Kozhikode

Lion's Park | #9 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Located next to the popular lighthouse on the Kozhikode Beach, this children's theme & amusement park is a sought after family vacation destination. Also known as Calicut's Beach Garden, it is an idyllic place to break the humdrum. Since the park is located very close to the beach it offers a glimpse of a tranquil and peaceful shoreline, blissful sunrise, and sunsets. It is a perfect spot for those who want to laze around admiring the beauty of nature. Thrilling rides for adults and children, add to the fun element and boost the excitement quotient manifold. A well maintained swimming pool, food corners serving quick bites make visitors feel comfortable.

Fees & Timings: Lion's Park timings 09:00 am to 04:00 pm, Entry Fee INR 200 per person.

Location: Next to the light house on Kozhikode beach

Place Type: Sightseeing - Garden

Mananchira Square, Kozhikode

Mananchira Square | #10 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Named after a man-made lake Mananchira, located in the heart of the Kozhikode the square is a favorite getaway spot for city dwellers. Formerly known as Manachira Maidan the Square is an impressive complex built around the man-made Mananchira lake which imparts tranquility to the landscape. The square in its turn is bound by a laterite-sculpted wall. The lake remains surrounded by several temples, churches, mosques, houses which allow one to capture a glimpse of the traditional architectural style of the state. With its amphitheater, pristine lawns, musical fountains, an artificial hill, and stone sculpture the square manage to etch an indelible impression on the visitor's mind.

Fees & Timings: Mananchira Square timings 03:30 pm to 08:00 pm all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Centre of Kozhikode

Place Type: Sightseeing - Garden

Mishkal Mosque, Kozhikode

Mishkal Mosque | #11 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Located on the Malabar Coast of Kozhikode the 14th-century mosque is a cultural, historical, and architectural marvel. The mosque was built by a Muslim merchant -shipowner belonging to the Nakhuda community, who were the wealthiest traders of medieval India.The structure has a stable stone base and steps run around the building. The mosque has a typical medieval style layout with no cupolas, no minarets but a tiled roof. The turquoise colored mosque is built of timber and originally had five stories. The mosque houses a large and a well-ventilated prayer hall. It has 47 doors, 24 carved pillars inlaid with beautiful motifs, and a large tank.

Fees & Timings: Open all days except Friday.

Location: Bavootty haji Rd, Kuttichira, Kozhikode, Kerala

Place Type: Religious - Mosque

Mother Of God Cathedral, Kozhikode

Mother Of God Cathedral | #12 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Also known as Valiya Palli the cathedral is the Headquarters of the Latin Catholic congregation in Malabar and was built in 1513. Located at around 1.5 km away from the Kozhikode railway station the church exhibits an ethereal style of Gothic Roman architecture. The entrance to the church has ornate intricately designed wooden doors, windows bear curved arches and the chapel has a stone cross with Portuguese inscription. The inside of the church has an impressive brown and white combination. The exterior of the church remains guarded by two lofty square towers. The wall of the church remains adorned with a 200-year-old portrait of Mother Mary. The premises also have a well-maintained cemetery and a school.

Fees & Timings: Mother of God Cathedral Daily Mass - Monday to Saturday 6.30 am, Sunday Mass - 7 am to 5.30 pm, No entry fee.

Location: Near District Court Kozhikode, Mananchira, Kozhikode

Place Type: Religious - Church

Pazhassi Raja Museum And Art Gallery | #13 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Atop the East Hill in Kozhikode, the land of spices is located a repository which is a testimony to the rich cultural heritage of Kerela. Formerly called the East Hill Bungalow the building was later made into an archeological museum. Named after Pazhassi Raja the famous "Lion of Kerela" it is a cherished treasure for historians and art lovers. Under the aegis of the State archaeology department, the museum has ten galleries dedicated to different branches of studies and collections. It showcases ancient stone structures, mural paintings temple models, antique coins, metalware, palanquins, armor,megalithic monuments, and highly acclaimed paintings of the celebrated Raja Ravi Varma.

Fees & Timings: Pazhassi Raja Museum and Art Gallery timings 09:00 am to 05:00 pm, (Monday close), Entry fee for adult Rs 10, for childr Rs 10.

Location: Kendriya Vidyalaya Rd, East Hill, Kozhikode, Kerala

Place Type: Museum - Art Gallary

Peruvannamuzhi Dam, Kozhikode

Peruvannamuzhi Dam | #14 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

The magnificent dam in the vicinity of Peruvannamuzhi village attract visitors owing to its picturesque beauty and natural grandeur. It is a quaint getaway is nestled in the quiet settings of The Western Ghats. The rich biodiversity of the place attracts several nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The surroundings are also conducive for the growth of a wide variety of spices and the Indian Institute of Spice Research is also located here. The dense jungles, lush green hillocks, crocodile farm, Smara Thottam(a garden), a bird sanctuary, and an artificial lake allure many travelers all around the year. Visitors can also indulge in adventurous activities like row boating and speed cruises.

Fees & Timings: Peruvannamuzhi Dam timings 10:00 am to 5.00 pm, No entry fee.

Location: Chakkittapara Grama Panchayat, near Kuttiyadi in Kozhikode d

Place Type: Sightseeing - Dam

Sargaalaya Kerala Arts, Kozhikode

Sargaalaya Kerala Arts | #15 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Sargaalaya, the Kerala Arts and Crafts village is one of its kind initiatives by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala. The craft village was set with a clear objective of displaying and promoting the exquisite craftsmanship of the artisans of the state. Located in the picturesque village of Iringal it has 60 beautiful cottages, each housing a stall. Highly skilled artisans from around 20 villages have been brought under the same roof to combine the streams of art and business. Art and craft enthusiasts can gain hands-on experience by participating in the workshops organized regularly. The wide array made up of coconut shells, bamboo,modern alloys, banana fiber, coir, sand, etc are displayed here.

Fees & Timings: Sargaalya Kerela Art timings 10:00 am to 08:00 pm, Entry Fee for adult Rs 50 and child Rs 30.

Location: Sargalaya Rd, Iringal, Kerala

Place Type: Museum - Craft village

Sweet Street, Kozhikode

Sweet Street | #16 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Mithai Theruvu or the popularly called Sweet Meat street is a favorite haunt for the locals and tourists alike. This is the busiest streets in Kozhikode and used to be an important trade center of Erstwhile India. Dotted with stalls serving delectable specialties it attracts foodies who want to pamper their taste buds with the local street food. Primarily famed for banana chips and the Kozhikkodan Halwa now it has a wide variety of products to offer, ranging from banana chips, garments, footwear, kitchen utensils, bangles, etc. The street also has shops selling virgin coconut oil and cashew nuts. There is a lane selling brassware exclusively here. The street remains pulsating with energy all day long.

Fees & Timings: Sweet Street timings 09:00 am to 11:45 pm, No entry Fee.

Location: SM St, Palayam, Kozhikode, Kerala

Place Type: Restaurant - Street Food

Thalikkunu Maha Shiva Temple, Kozhikode

Thalikkunu Maha Shiva Temple | #17 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Exhibiting the Pallava Chalukya influence the Thali temple is a living testimony to the exclusive Kerela style of architecture. Located in Kozhikode district of Kerela the millennium-old structure is an important seat of Hindu faith. The temple is primarily is dedicated to Lord Shiva and was originally called Thalikkunu Shiva Temple. Protected by the Kerala State Department of Archaeology the temple is ornate and was constructed in square style. It houses a two-storied garbhagrihya adorned stone sculptors and wooden carvings with the scenes from the Puranas.It also has an expansive temple tank. It attracts huge number of devotees all through the year, especially during Mahashivratri.

Fees & Timings: Thali temple timings 05:00 am to 12:00 pm, 04:00 pm to 09:00 pm all days in week, No entry fee.

Location: Kozhikode Calicut, Kerala

Place Type: Religious - Hindu Temple

Thikkoti Light House, Kozhikode

Thikkoti Light House | #18 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Nestled between the Velliyamkally Rock on one side and shimmering blue sea on the other, Thikkoti Lighthouse remains surrounded by luxuriant green coconut & palm plantation. The 108 feet tall lighthouse stands along the shoreline of the Laccadive Sea in the Kozhikode district, Kerala. The 19th-century structure was built after a shipwreck and serves as a prime attraction for tourists. Though the structure has grown non-functional over the years, it is visited by a large number of travelers owing to its beautiful landscape. It is an ideal photo shoot destination, transit home to several migratory birds, and is an angler's paradise too. It observes a high rate of activity all round the year, especially during winters.

Fees & Timings: Thikkoti Light House timings 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm, (Monday close), No entry fee.

Location: Nandi, koyilandy, NH 17, Kozhikode, Kerala

Place Type: Sightseeing - Light House

Thusharagiri Falls, Kozhikode

Thusharagiri Falls | #19 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

The three waterfalls comprising Thusharagiri snuggled in the folds of western ghat offers a spellbinding sight to the visitors. Located at a distance of around 50 km from Kozhikode the waterfalls can be reached through trekking. Witnessing the gurgling cascade, feeling the spray, enjoying a dip in the waters below is a soul-stirring experience. The area in the vicinity is bound by dense forest and spice plantations abound in pepper, ginger, areca nut, etc. The unmeddled environment serves as an apt location for many species of exotic birds and animals. The place also houses a crocodile farm under the supervision of the state forest department.

Fees & Timings: Thusharagiri falls timings 06:00 am to 06:00 pm, Entry Fee Rs 30.

Location: Kozhikode

Place Type: Sightseeing - Waterfalls

Vellari Mala, Kozhikode

Vellari Mala | #20 of Top 20 Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Vellari Mala is a mountain range in Kerala stretching across Thiruvambady Panchayat in Kozhikode district and Meppadi Panchayat in Wayanad district. Situated near Thusharagiri in Kozhikode district Vellari Mala is yet another picture-perfect spot. It is a trekker's paradise and river Kanjirapuzha, a tributary of the River Chaliyar, meanders through the rocky terrain imparting it a breathtaking view. Set with several gurgling waterfalls, babbling brooks meandering through the rocky terrains, vibrant green landscapes it serves as an ideal dwelling for one to rejuvenate and douse in the unparalleled beauty. A visit to vellari mala undoubtedly turns out to be an unforgettable experience.

Fees & Timings: Vellari Mala timings 08:00 am to 05:00 pm, Entry Fee Rs 50 per person.

Location: Vellarimala village near Chooralmala

Place Type: Sightseeing - Hill

Kozhikode City FAQs:

𝒜. Kozhikode is in Kerala. It was the Capital of Malabar during the Zamorin rule 500 years ago and is famous for its centuries-old trade in cotton and spices with Jews, Arabs, Phoenicians and Chinese.

𝒜. Best time to visit June to September is the monsoon season. City experiences heavy rainfall in the season. To enjoy the festivals, fairs of the city, visit the place during August & September.

𝒜. Kozhikode is a coastal city in the south Indian state of Kerala. It was a significant spice trade center and is close to Kappad Beach, where Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama landed in 1498.

𝒜. Calicut International Airport, also known as Karipur Airport, is an international airport which serves the Malabar region of Kozhikode and Malappuram in Kerala, India.

𝒜. Name of railway station(s) in Kozhikode city: Kozhikode Railway Station also known as Calicut Railway Station is the largest railway station in the city of Calicut, India. The station has four platforms and two terminals.

𝒜. Malls and Shopping places in Kozhikode city: HiLite Mall, Focus Mall, Emerald Mall, RP Mall, Gokulam Mall, Address Mall, Space Mall, Surabhi Mall, Lan Ship Mall

𝒜. Famous Religious places in Kozhikode city: Sreekanteshwara Temple, Thali Maha Shiva Kshetram, Thalikkunu Maha Shiva Temple, Thiruvachira Sree Krishna Temple, Sree Valayanad Devi Temple, Pisharikavu Temple, Varakkal Sri Durga Devi Temple, Mayiladum Kunnu Palani Temple, Puthur Sree Durga Temple, Devi Temple, Beypore Badhrakali Temple

𝒜. Fun and Activity places in Kozhikode city: Kozhikode Beach, Kozhikode Backwaters, Beypore Beach, Lion’s Park, SM Street, Mananchira Square, Pazhassi Raja Archaeological Museum, Mishkal Mosque

𝒜. Following are the names of major bus terminals of the Kozhikode city: Moffusil Bus Stand, Palayam Bus Stand, KSRTC Depot, Mananchira Bus Station, Eranhipalam Bus Stop, KSRTC bus stand, Kozhikode New Bus Stand, Kanakalaya Bank Bus Station, Eranhipalam Bus Station

𝒜. No. Currently metro rail facility of Kozhikode city is under proposal or construction.