Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

Siddhivinayak Temple | One of the best places to visit in Mumbai

LocationSK Bole Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Mumbai (Map)
Entry Fee & TimingsSiddhi Vinayak Temple open from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm all days in week, No entry fee.
Place TypeTemple, Religious Place
Place visit withFamily, Married Couples, Friends, Parants, Siblings, Youngsters
Best time to visitJanuary, February, March, April

About Siddhivinayak Temple

The famous Siddhivinayak temple of India was built on 19 November 1801 by a local contractor named Lakshman Vithu Patil. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, although very few people know that the amount involved in the construction of this temple was given by a farmer woman who had no children. The gates of this temple are open to the people of every religion caste.

Architecture of Siddhivinayak Temple

The Siddhivinayak Temple is exquisitely designed. The idol of Lord Ganesha located here is carved out of a single black stone, which is about 2 feet tall and the temple complex is spread over an area of 2550 square meters.

The original structure of the Siddhivinayak temple was earlier quite small, measuring 3.6 m x 3.6 m in size. The 'Gabhara' is an octagonal shelter, about ten feet wide, surrounded by an idol of Lord Ganesha. The ceiling inside the Gabhara is plated with gold and adds to the beauty of the idol.

Interesting facts about Siddhivinayak Temple

  1. The famous Tuesday Aarti at 4:45 am at Siddhivinayak Temple is very famous and a 2 km long queue of devotees can be seen to be a part of this holy Aarti.
  2. People easily find huge statues of rats inside temples and it is said that by whispering in the ears of rats, Lord Ganesha fulfills their wishes.
  3. It is said that the holy idol of Lord Ganesha is made of black stone and it is also slightly different in appearance.
  4. Siddhivinayak Temple receives donations of around 100 to 150 million every year.
  5. Ganesha's trunk on the right! If you look at the idols of Ganesha, usually the trunk turns towards his left. In the Siddhivinayak temple, the trunk of Ganapati is on the right. It is said that this idol was carved out of a single black stone.
  6. From now onwards devotees can offer stock and share to Siddhivinayak Temple Trust. Now it makes us call God 'Business Tycoon Ganesh'!
  7. Earlier a lake was around the temple but now that area is built as a ground within the temple complex.

How to reach Siddhivinayak Temple

By Rail: Siddhivinayak Temple is about 15 minutes walk from Dadar Railway Station.

By Bus:- Many BEST buses are also available from Western, Central and Harbor areas which will take you to Siddhivinayak Temple.

By Road: - You can also reach the temple by rickshaw or auto.

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Siddhivinayak Temple FAQs:

𝒜. It is located at SK Bole Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Mumbai.

𝒜. Entry fee and timings information of the Siddhivinayak Temple: Siddhi Vinayak Temple open from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm all days in week, No entry fee..

𝒜. You should visit Siddhivinayak Temple during January, February, March, April months for best experience.

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