Kolkata Metro Blue Line Route Map

The Blue Line is a metro line of the Kolkata Metro, a rapid transit system in Kolkata, India. It consists of 26 active stations of all Kolkata Metro network and operated by Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC). Explore Kolkata Metro Blue Line route details like stations list, route map, interchange, fares, time and distance between source and destination, and top attractions nearby etc.

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Blue Line Metro Stations List 2024InterchangeLayout
Dum Dum🚆️
Shobhabazar Sutanuti🚇️
Girish Park🚇️
Mahatma Gandhi Road🚇️
Chandni Chowk🚇️
Park Street🚇️
Rabindra Sadan🚇️
Netaji Bhavan🚇️
Jatin Das Park🚇️
Rabindra Sarobar🚇️
Mahanayak Uttam Kumar🚝️🅿️
Masterda Surya Sen🚆️
Kavi Nazrul🚆️
Shahid Khudiram🚆️
Kavi Subhash🚝️🅿️

Kolkata Metro Blue Line Details

Line colorLine color is for indication purpose only.
Length of linePhysical length (distance between start and end) of Blue line.
29 KM
Active stationsActive and functional stations count of Blue Line.
26 stations
Inactive stationsCount of proposed or under-construction stations for Blue line extension.
No station
Terminal stationsStart and End Stations of Blue Line
DakshineswarKavi Subhash
InterchangeNo. of lines connected or interchange count on Blue line.
4 Interchange Stations - Baranagar, Noapara, Park Street, Kavi Subhash,

Kolkata Metro Blue Line Route Map 2024

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Kolkata Metro Network Map 2024

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Interesting facts about Kolkata Metro Blue line

  • Kolkata Metro Line 1, Blue Line is also known as North–South Metro of the Kolkata Metro.
  • Kolkata Metro Blue Line is the country's first and completely indigenous process metro line.
  • When India's first Metro line started, then Railway Minister of India A.K. B. A. Gani Khan was Chowdhary.
  • Metro Railway Kolkata was started on the first day of Kolkata Metro Line 1 by Mr. Tapan Kumar Nath and Mr. Sanjay Sil.
  • When Kolkata Metro Line 1 metro started, there were no magnetic gates or escalators at that time.
  • Kolkata Metro Line 1 is the first underground railway to be built in India.
  • This Line first time is opened on 24 October 1984.
  • Kolkata Metro Blue Line is the country's first, and completely indigenous process line.
  • Kolkata Metro Blue Line is currently working in Kolkata Metro Railways.
  • India's automated ticket vending and checking system was implemented for the first time on this Line.
  • The 15 km (9.3 mi) underground railway from Birpara to Tollygunge metro station took about 23 years to be completely built.

Kolkata Metro News & Updates 2024

Kolkata commuters will be able to travel the entire distance from Howrah Maidan to the middle of EM Bypass via Hooghly for just Rs 50. This is the essence of the integrated fare structure proposed by the Metro Railways for the East-West Metro, with an interface with the North-South line at Esplanade in central Kolkata. The North-South corridor, in turn, meets the New Garia-Airport Metro at New Garia.
Major metro projects of Kolkata city have received adequate funds in the interim budget. The New Garia-Airport corridor has received the highest allocation of Rs 1,791.3 crore, followed by the Joka-Esplanade corridor with Rs 1,200 crore. East-West Metro has received Rs 900 crore. The 32 km new Garia-Airport Metro – or Orange Line – has been given a big boost in the interim budget. The 5.4 km long new Garia-Ruby section of the corridor is all set to become operational. Construction work is going on on New Town and VIP Road.
New Garia-Airport Metro Corridor (Via Rajarhat) in Kolkata Metro was increased by 50 percent in the general budget. Kolkata Metro Railway Corporation Limited (KMRCL) is also getting less money. New Garia-Airport Metro Corridor (via Rajarhat): An amount of Rs 1,200 crore was allocated in the 2023-24 budget for construction. Which has been increased to Taka 1,750 crore. And Rs 1,791.39 crore has been allocated in the budget for the financial year 2024-25 for the New Garia-Airport Metro Corridor.
Kolkata Metro Railway Corporation Limited (KMRCL): KMRCL is the agency responsible for the East-West Metro corridor. In this year's budget, Rs 906 crore has been allocated to that institution. Rs 1,000 crore was given in the last budget. However, now it has been revised to Rs 906 crore. That means the allocation has decreased by 9.4 percent from last year's budget.
Esplanade station of East-West Metro of Kolkata Metro is now getting finalized to start the abbreviated Esplanade-Howrah Maidan run. The station, spread over 30,000 square metres, now has a grand look except for the shaft area. The interior, featuring colorful frescoes, paintings and panels, has an "esplanade" as the theme, with depictions of trams. There are 20 escalators and eight lifts to transport passengers from a depth of 28 metres.

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Kolkata Metro Blue Line Route FAQs:

𝒜. The Kolkata Metro Blue line has total 26 stations which includes elevated, overground, and underground stations.

𝒜. The Kolkata Metro Blue line has 4 interchange stations those are connected with other lines of the metro. The name of interchange stations are: Baranagar, Noapara, Park Street, Kavi Subhash, .

𝒜. You should check the official website or offical twitter handle for this information.

𝒜. The length of Kolkata Metro Blue Line is 29 KM, and it's terminal stations are Dakshineswar & Kavi Subhash.

Kolkata Metro Lines and Routes

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Top Attractions on Kolkata Metro Blue Line

AttractionNearest Metro (Distance)
Dakshineswar Kali TempleDakshineswar (2 KM)
Belur MathDakshineswar (2 KM)
Dakshineswar Kali TempleBaranagar (2 KM)
Shobhabajar RajbariBelgachhia (2 KM)
KumortuliShyambazaar (1 KM)
Marble PalaceShyambazaar (2 KM)
Jorasanko Thakur BariShyambazaar (2 KM)
Shobhabajar RajbariShyambazaar (1 KM)
Howrah BridgeShobhabazar Sutanuti (2 KM)
KumortuliShobhabazar Sutanuti (1 KM)
Marble PalaceShobhabazar Sutanuti (2 KM)
Jorasanko Thakur BariShobhabazar Sutanuti (1 KM)
Shobhabajar RajbariShobhabazar Sutanuti (0 KM)
Nakhoda MosqueShobhabazar Sutanuti (2 KM)
Neveh Shalome SynagogueShobhabazar Sutanuti (2 KM)
Howrah BridgeGirish Park (2 KM)
KumortuliGirish Park (1 KM)
College StreetGirish Park (2 KM)
Old ChinatownGirish Park (2 KM)
Marble PalaceGirish Park (1 KM)
Jorasanko Thakur BariGirish Park (0 KM)
Shobhabajar RajbariGirish Park (1 KM)
Nakhoda MosqueGirish Park (1 KM)
Beth El SynagogueGirish Park (2 KM)
Neveh Shalome SynagogueGirish Park (1 KM)
Howrah BridgeMahatma Gandhi Road (2 KM)
KumortuliMahatma Gandhi Road (2 KM)
College StreetMahatma Gandhi Road (1 KM)
Old ChinatownMahatma Gandhi Road (1 KM)
Marble PalaceMahatma Gandhi Road (0 KM)
Shaheed MinarMahatma Gandhi Road (2 KM)
Jorasanko Thakur BariMahatma Gandhi Road (0 KM)
Shobhabajar RajbariMahatma Gandhi Road (2 KM)
Nakhoda MosqueMahatma Gandhi Road (0 KM)
St John's ChurchMahatma Gandhi Road (2 KM)
Millennium ParkMahatma Gandhi Road (2 KM)
Beth El SynagogueMahatma Gandhi Road (1 KM)
Neveh Shalome SynagogueMahatma Gandhi Road (1 KM)
Howrah BridgeCentral (2 KM)
New MarketCentral (2 KM)
College StreetCentral (0 KM)
Old ChinatownCentral (0 KM)
Eden GardensCentral (2 KM)
Marble PalaceCentral (1 KM)
Indian MuseumCentral (2 KM)
Shaheed MinarCentral (1 KM)
Mother HouseCentral (2 KM)
Jorasanko Thakur BariCentral (1 KM)
Nakhoda MosqueCentral (1 KM)
St John's ChurchCentral (1 KM)
Millennium ParkCentral (2 KM)
Beth El SynagogueCentral (1 KM)
Neveh Shalome SynagogueCentral (1 KM)
Ramkrishnapur GhatCentral (2 KM)
Howrah BridgeChandni Chowk (2 KM)
Park StreetChandni Chowk (2 KM)
New MarketChandni Chowk (1 KM)
College StreetChandni Chowk (1 KM)
South Park CemeteryChandni Chowk (2 KM)
Old ChinatownChandni Chowk (1 KM)
Eden GardensChandni Chowk (1 KM)
Marble PalaceChandni Chowk (2 KM)
Birla PlanetariumChandni Chowk (2 KM)
Indian MuseumChandni Chowk (1 KM)
Shaheed MinarChandni Chowk (1 KM)
Mother HouseChandni Chowk (2 KM)
Jorasanko Thakur BariChandni Chowk (2 KM)
Nakhoda MosqueChandni Chowk (1 KM)
St John's ChurchChandni Chowk (1 KM)
Millennium ParkChandni Chowk (1 KM)
Elliot ParkChandni Chowk (2 KM)
Harrington Street Arts CentreChandni Chowk (2 KM)
Beth El SynagogueChandni Chowk (1 KM)
Neveh Shalome SynagogueChandni Chowk (1 KM)
Ramkrishnapur GhatChandni Chowk (2 KM)
Victoria MemorialEsplanade (2 KM)
Howrah BridgeEsplanade (2 KM)
Park StreetEsplanade (2 KM)
New MarketEsplanade (1 KM)
College StreetEsplanade (1 KM)
South Park CemeteryEsplanade (2 KM)
Old ChinatownEsplanade (1 KM)
Eden GardensEsplanade (1 KM)
Marble PalaceEsplanade (2 KM)
Birla PlanetariumEsplanade (2 KM)
Prinsep GhatEsplanade (2 KM)
Indian MuseumEsplanade (1 KM)
Shaheed MinarEsplanade (0 KM)
Mother HouseEsplanade (2 KM)
Jorasanko Thakur BariEsplanade (2 KM)
Nakhoda MosqueEsplanade (2 KM)
Victoria MemorialPark Street (1 KM)
Park StreetPark Street (1 KM)
New MarketPark Street (1 KM)
College StreetPark Street (2 KM)
South Park CemeteryPark Street (1 KM)
Old ChinatownPark Street (2 KM)
Eden GardensPark Street (1 KM)
Birla PlanetariumPark Street (1 KM)
Netaji BhavanPark Street (2 KM)
Nehru's Children MuseumPark Street (1 KM)
St Paul's CathedralPark Street (1 KM)
Victoria MemorialMaidan (1 KM)
Park StreetMaidan (1 KM)
New MarketMaidan (1 KM)
South Park CemeteryMaidan (1 KM)
Birla PlanetariumMaidan (0 KM)
Netaji BhavanMaidan (1 KM)
Nehru's Children MuseumMaidan (1 KM)
St Paul's CathedralMaidan (1 KM)
Fort WilliamMaidan (1 KM)
Indian MuseumMaidan (1 KM)
ChowringheeMaidan (1 KM)
ISKCON KolkataMaidan (1 KM)
St John's ChurchMaidan (2 KM)
Mohor KunjaMaidan (1 KM)
Elliot ParkMaidan (0 KM)
Masters Collection Art GalleryMaidan (1 KM)
Verandah Art GalleryMaidan (1 KM)
Harrington Street Arts CentreMaidan (1 KM)
Victoria MemorialRabindra Sadan (1 KM)
Park StreetRabindra Sadan (1 KM)
New MarketRabindra Sadan (2 KM)
South Park CemeteryRabindra Sadan (1 KM)
Birla PlanetariumRabindra Sadan (0 KM)
Netaji BhavanRabindra Sadan (1 KM)
Nehru's Children MuseumRabindra Sadan (0 KM)
St Paul's CathedralRabindra Sadan (0 KM)
Fort WilliamRabindra Sadan (1 KM)
ChowringheeRabindra Sadan (0 KM)
ISKCON KolkataRabindra Sadan (0 KM)
Mohor KunjaRabindra Sadan (0 KM)
Elliot ParkRabindra Sadan (1 KM)
Masters Collection Art GalleryRabindra Sadan (1 KM)
Verandah Art GalleryRabindra Sadan (1 KM)
Harrington Street Arts CentreRabindra Sadan (1 KM)
Victoria MemorialNetaji Bhavan (1 KM)
Park StreetNetaji Bhavan (2 KM)
South Park CemeteryNetaji Bhavan (2 KM)
Birla PlanetariumNetaji Bhavan (1 KM)
Kalighat MandirNetaji Bhavan (2 KM)
Netaji BhavanNetaji Bhavan (1 KM)
Nehru's Children MuseumNetaji Bhavan (1 KM)
St Paul's CathedralNetaji Bhavan (1 KM)
Fort WilliamNetaji Bhavan (1 KM)
Birla MandirNetaji Bhavan (2 KM)
Birla Industrial & Technological MuseumNetaji Bhavan (2 KM)
Alipore Zoological GardenNetaji Bhavan (1 KM)
ChowringheeNetaji Bhavan (1 KM)
ISKCON KolkataNetaji Bhavan (1 KM)
Royal Kolkata Golf ClubJatin Das Park (2 KM)
Kalighat MandirJatin Das Park (1 KM)
Alipore Zoological GardenJatin Das Park (2 KM)
Deshapriya ParkJatin Das Park (2 KM)
Safari ParkJatin Das Park (2 KM)
Royal Kolkata Golf ClubKalighat (2 KM)
Rabindra SarobarKalighat (2 KM)
Kalighat MandirKalighat (1 KM)
Netaji BhavanKalighat (2 KM)
ChowringheeKalighat (2 KM)
Deshapriya ParkKalighat (1 KM)
Safari ParkKalighat (2 KM)
Experimenter Art GalleryKalighat (2 KM)
Chitrakoot Art GalleryKalighat (2 KM)
Royal Kolkata Golf ClubRabindra Sarobar (1 KM)
Rabindra SarobarRabindra Sarobar (2 KM)
Kalighat MandirRabindra Sarobar (2 KM)
Deshapriya ParkRabindra Sarobar (2 KM)
Safari ParkRabindra Sarobar (2 KM)
Royal Kolkata Golf ClubMahanayak Uttam Kumar (0 KM)
Royal Kolkata Golf ClubNetaji (2 KM)
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