Bamniya Kund, Indore

Bamniya Kund | One of the best places to visit in Indore

LocationMalendi, Indore (Map)
Entry Fee & TimingsTimings:- This waterfall opens from 8 am to 6 pm. ,Entry:- Free
Place TypeLakes & Waterfalls, Nature Sites and Parks
Place visit withMarried Couples, Unmarried Couples, Friends, Siblings, Youngsters
Best time to visitMay, June, July, August

About Bamniya Kund

Bamaniya Kund is a natural spring and waterfall, known for its picturesque beauty and serene environment. Bamaniya Kund holds historical and cultural importance in the area. It is believed to have been used as a source of fresh water by the local Gond tribes for centuries. The name of the waterfall is derived from "Bamniya", which is derived from the local Gondi language and means "water source." These natural wonders have provided water for both local tribal communities and wildlife in the area. Although Bamaniya Kund may not have any specific architectural history, it remains a natural haven, attracting tourists who appreciate its untouched beauty and cultural relevance. It is a popular destination for nature lovers and travelers seeking peaceful relaxation.

Architecture of Bamniya Kund

The water falls down the rocky terrain and collects into a pool, creating a beautiful and serene environment. There are dense forests and lush vegetation surrounding the falls, which contribute to the natural beauty of the area. With a height of about 300 feet, the joy of seeing the colorful colors of the waterfall pond is simply amazing.

Interesting facts about Bamniya Kund

  • Bamaniya Kund is a natural freshwater spring that falls in a waterfall, providing a refreshing experience for the visitors.
  • The surrounding landscape is characterized by ancient forests, making it an ideal place for nature walks, picnics and photography.
  • The area around Bamnia Kund is rich in biodiversity, with lush green forests inhabited by various species of flora and fauna.
  • The serene atmosphere and serene environment makes Bamaniya Kund an excellent place for relaxation and meditation.
  • The form and flow of the Bamaniya Kund can vary greatly depending on the season, with the monsoon season offering the most impressive and powerful display.

How to reach Bamniya Kund

By Rail:- The nearest railway station to Bamnia Kund is Balaghat, which is about 95 kilometers away. From here you can easily reach the pond by taking a rickshaw.

By Bus:- The nearest bus stand is Balaghat, which is about 95 kilometers from Bamnia Kund.

By Air :- The nearest airport is Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, about 200 kilometers from Bamnia Kund. You can take an auto from here to reach the waterfall.

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Bamniya Kund FAQs:

𝒜. It is located at Malendi, Indore.

𝒜. Entry fee and timings information of the Bamniya Kund: Timings:- This waterfall opens from 8 am to 6 pm. ,Entry:- Free.

𝒜. You should visit Bamniya Kund during May, June, July, August months for best experience.

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