Mystery Rooms, Indore

Mystery Rooms | One of the best places to visit in Indore

Location530, Satya Sai Square, Vijay Nagar, Indore, Indore (Map)
Entry Fee & TimingsMystery Rooms timings 11:00 am to 11:00 pm every day, Entry fee Rs 600 per person.
Place TypeEntertainment Centers, Fun & Activity
Place visit withFriends, Siblings, Youngsters

About Mystery Rooms

It is a nationwide series and is based on a very unique and thrilling concept. It does not contain scary elements, but it does feel the rush of adrenaline through one's body. It hosts a challenging race against time where the sole objective of the contestant is to get himself out of the themed mystery room before the clock ticks.

It involves team play where participants have to reason, observe, decode hints, solve puzzles to get out of a room in 60 minutes. It has been designed to cater to the needs of people of all age groups and it is a complete experience to be here.

Interesting facts about Mystery Rooms

  1. Mystery Room is a real-time escape location where you will find a variety of missions that you have to make the mission successful by solving different and unique types of puzzles.
  2. Mystery Room is a combination of fun, logic thrill and calculating thinking.
  3. This is India's No.1 live escape game where a team of 2-8 people gets locked in a mysterious place with missions to complete.
  4. Here you can celebrate your birthday with your family, friends.
  5. It is also a great place to visit for families, friends, colleagues or for team bonding exercise.

How to reach Mystery Rooms

By Bus:- Nearest Bus Stand to Mystery Room is Sathya Sai Bus Stand which is 350 meters away.

By Metro:- Radisson Metro Station is 1.9 km away from Mystery Room, from here you can take a rickshaw.

By Rail:- The distance of Mystery Room from Indore Junction is 5.8 km, from here you can take a taxi.

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Mystery Rooms FAQs:

𝒜. It is located at 530, Satya Sai Square, Vijay Nagar, Indore, Indore.

𝒜. Entry fee and timings information of the Mystery Rooms: Mystery Rooms timings 11:00 am to 11:00 pm every day, Entry fee Rs 600 per person..

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