Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur

Deekshabhoomi | One of the best places to visit in Nagpur

LocationAmbazari Rd, Abhyankar Nagar, Nagpur, Nagpur (Map)
Entry Fee & TimingsDeekshabhoomi open from 12:00 am to 12:00 am all days in week, No entry fees.
Place TypePalace & Landmarks, Monument
Place visit withFamily, Kids, Friends, Solo, Parants, Siblings, Youngsters
Best time to visitJuly, August, September, October, November, December

About Deekshabhoomi

Deekshabhoomi is a sacred monument also known as Dhamma Chakra Stupa, located about 5 km southwest of Nagpur city. Deekshabhoomi is a historical place in India where about 600,000 people were converted from Hinduism to Buddhism in a single instant on 14 October 1956. These people were lower class people who had converted under the leadership of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

The stupa was inaugurated on 18 December 2001 by the President of India, KR Narayanan. Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the father of the Indian Constitution, followed Buddhism and the stupa was built by the Ambedkar Memorial Committee as a memorial to the great statesman. His last religious act was the adoption of Buddhism.

Architecture of Deekshabhoomi

Deekshabhoomi is spread over four acres of significant land in the city. The stupa was designed by architect Sheo Dan Mal. It took 23 years to complete this structure.

Interesting facts about Deekshabhoomi

  1. Diksha Bhoomi hosts the memorial of Ambedkar and has been given the status of A-class tourism and pilgrimage site by the Government of Maharashtra.
  2. Deekshabhoomi is famous for its architectural beauty and historical importance. It is one of the major centers of tourism in India.
  3. Diksha literally means 'action of campaign' and Bhumi means 'land'. Deekshabhoomi means the land where people were ordained as Buddhists.
  4. Deekshabhoomi is one of the two places of great importance in Ambedkar's life, the other being Chaitya Bhoomi in Mumbai.
  5. There is a garden around the stupa which is maintained by Nagpur Improvement Trust.

How to reach Deekshabhoomi

By Bus:- There is Deekshabhoomi Bus Station near Deekshabhoomi which is at a walking distance of 6 minutes.

By Metro:- Deekshabhoomi is near to Rite Colony metro station which is at a walking distance of 16 minutes.

By Road:- You can also take auto or rickshaw to reach Deekshabhoomi which you will get easily here.

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Deekshabhoomi FAQs:

𝒜. It is located at Ambazari Rd, Abhyankar Nagar, Nagpur, Nagpur.

𝒜. Entry fee and timings information of the Deekshabhoomi: Deekshabhoomi open from 12:00 am to 12:00 am all days in week, No entry fees..

𝒜. You should visit Deekshabhoomi during July, August, September, October, November, December months for best experience.

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