Hyderabad Metro Green Line Route Map

The Green Line is a metro line of the Hyderabad Metro, a rapid transit system in Hyderabad, India. It consists of 9 active stations of all Hyderabad Metro network and operated by Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR). Explore Hyderabad Metro Green Line route details like stations list, route map, interchange, fares, time and distance between source and destination, and top attractions nearby etc.

Sign: 🚆 Elevated, 🚇 Underground, 🚝 At Grade, 🅿️ Parking

Green Line Metro Stations List 2024InterchangeLayout
JBS Parade Ground🚆️🅿️
Secunderabad West🚆️
Gandhi Hospital🚆️
RTC Cross Roads🚆️
Sultan Bazaar🚆️
MG Bus Station🚆️

List of Under construction/Purposed metro stations on Green line in 2024
◉ Salarjung Museum
◉ Charminar
◉ Shah Ali Banda
◉ Shamsherganj
◉ Falaknuma

Hyderabad Metro Green Line Details

Line colorLine color is for indication purpose only.
Length of linePhysical length (distance between start and end) of Green line.
9 KM
Active stationsActive and functional stations count of Green Line.
9 stations
Inactive stationsCount of proposed or under-construction stations for Green line extension.
5 stations
Terminal stationsStart and End Stations of Green Line
JBS Parade GroundMG Bus Station
InterchangeNo. of lines connected or interchange count on Green line.
2 Interchange Stations - JBS Parade Ground, MG Bus Station,

Hyderabad Metro Green Line Route Map 2024

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Hyderabad Metro Network Map 2024

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Hyderabad Metro News & Updates 2024

The prestigious Stanford University has included the Hyderabad Metro Project as a case study for its MBA students and professors. This case study has been published in the latest edition of the Social Innovation Review, a journal by the institution. The Indian School of Business (ISB) has described this as a rare honor for an Indian organization. The journal covers the challenges faced during the implementation of various large-scale projects around the world, the leadership qualities needed to overcome these challenges, and the solutions.
The Mahalakshmi scheme launched by the state government has had a visible impact on the ridership of the Hyderabad Metro, according to P. Ramakrishnan, head investor relations at Larsen & Toubro Ltd. during its financial results for the quarter and nine months ended December 31, 2023. Despite the overall improvement in average metro ridership from 3.94 lakh passengers per day in Q3 last year to 4.44 lakh passengers per day in Q3FY24, Ramakrishnan revealed that the average ridership in the previous quarter of the current year was 4.62 lakh passengers per day. There were lakh passengers.
The government has already blocked the Raidurgam-Shamshabad airport route (31 km) to start the Hyderabad Metro Rail Extension Project. But apart from this, it has been decided to build metro on 8 km route till Nanakranguda Financial District instead of Rayadurgam. Apart from this, on the instructions of the CM, Hyderabad Metro officials have prepared the final route map for other routes.
Chief Minister A.Revanth Reddy has finalised the Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) second phase of 70 km length, connecting the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) from four corners of the city to ensure that metro rail services are accessible to the majority of commuters in the State capital.
Consul General of the United States of America in Hyderabad Jennifer Larson lauded the expansion plans of the Hyderabad Metro during her maiden visit on Wednesday. Larsen, along with HMRL Managing Director NVS Reddy and other officials, had a first-hand experience of the city's metro system and interacted with passengers during his visit.

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Hyderabad Metro Green Line Route FAQs:

𝒜. The Hyderabad Metro Green line has total 9 stations which includes elevated, overground, and underground stations.

𝒜. The Hyderabad Metro Green line has 2 interchange stations those are connected with other lines of the metro. The name of interchange stations are: JBS Parade Ground, MG Bus Station, .

𝒜. You should check the official website or offical twitter handle for this information.

𝒜. The length of Hyderabad Metro Green Line is 9 KM, and it's terminal stations are JBS Parade Ground & MG Bus Station.

Hyderabad Metro Lines and Routes

◩   Red Line◩   Blue Line

Top Attractions on Hyderabad Metro Green Line

AttractionNearest Metro (Distance)
Paigah PalaceJBS Parade Ground (2 KM)
Indira ParkGandhi Hospital (2 KM)
Snow WorldMusheerabad (2 KM)
Indira ParkMusheerabad (2 KM)
BM Birla Science MuseumRTC Cross Roads (1 KM)
Ohri's GufaaRTC Cross Roads (0 KM)
Lumbini ParkRTC Cross Roads (1 KM)
Snow WorldRTC Cross Roads (1 KM)
Indira ParkRTC Cross Roads (1 KM)
Birla MandirRTC Cross Roads (1 KM)
Telangana State Archaeology MuseumRTC Cross Roads (1 KM)
St Joseph's CathedralRTC Cross Roads (1 KM)
Race ClubRTC Cross Roads (1 KM)
NTR GardensRTC Cross Roads (1 KM)
Moazzam Jahi MarketRTC Cross Roads (2 KM)
BM Birla Science MuseumChikkadpally (1 KM)
Ohri's GufaaChikkadpally (0 KM)
Lumbini ParkChikkadpally (1 KM)
Snow WorldChikkadpally (1 KM)
Indira ParkChikkadpally (1 KM)
Birla MandirChikkadpally (1 KM)
Telangana State Archaeology MuseumChikkadpally (1 KM)
St Joseph's CathedralChikkadpally (1 KM)
Race ClubChikkadpally (1 KM)
NTR GardensChikkadpally (1 KM)
Moazzam Jahi MarketChikkadpally (2 KM)
BM Birla Science MuseumNarayanguda (1 KM)
Ohri's GufaaNarayanguda (0 KM)
Lumbini ParkNarayanguda (1 KM)
Snow WorldNarayanguda (1 KM)
Indira ParkNarayanguda (1 KM)
Birla MandirNarayanguda (1 KM)
Telangana State Archaeology MuseumNarayanguda (1 KM)
St Joseph's CathedralNarayanguda (1 KM)
Race ClubNarayanguda (1 KM)
NTR GardensNarayanguda (1 KM)
Moazzam Jahi MarketNarayanguda (2 KM)
Salar Jung MuseumSultan Bazaar (2 KM)
Ohri's GufaaSultan Bazaar (2 KM)
Telangana State Archaeology MuseumSultan Bazaar (2 KM)
St Joseph's CathedralSultan Bazaar (1 KM)
Race ClubSultan Bazaar (2 KM)
Nizam MuseumSultan Bazaar (2 KM)
Purani HaveliSultan Bazaar (2 KM)
Madina MarketSultan Bazaar (2 KM)
Begum BazarSultan Bazaar (2 KM)
Moazzam Jahi MarketSultan Bazaar (1 KM)
CharminarMG Bus Station (2 KM)
Salar Jung MuseumMG Bus Station (1 KM)
Chudi BazaarMG Bus Station (2 KM)
St Joseph's CathedralMG Bus Station (2 KM)
Race ClubMG Bus Station (2 KM)
Mecca MasjidMG Bus Station (2 KM)
Nizam MuseumMG Bus Station (1 KM)
Purani HaveliMG Bus Station (2 KM)
Laad BazaarMG Bus Station (2 KM)
Madina MarketMG Bus Station (2 KM)
Begum BazarMG Bus Station (2 KM)
Moazzam Jahi MarketMG Bus Station (1 KM)
CharminarSalarjung Museum (1 KM)
Salar Jung MuseumSalarjung Museum (0 KM)
Chowmahalla PalaceSalarjung Museum (2 KM)
Chudi BazaarSalarjung Museum (1 KM)
Mecca MasjidSalarjung Museum (1 KM)
Nizam MuseumSalarjung Museum (1 KM)
Purani HaveliSalarjung Museum (1 KM)
Laad BazaarSalarjung Museum (1 KM)
Madina MarketSalarjung Museum (1 KM)
Charminar BazaarSalarjung Museum (2 KM)
Begum BazarSalarjung Museum (1 KM)
Moazzam Jahi MarketSalarjung Museum (2 KM)
CharminarCharminar (1 KM)
Salar Jung MuseumCharminar (0 KM)
Chowmahalla PalaceCharminar (2 KM)
Chudi BazaarCharminar (1 KM)
Mecca MasjidCharminar (1 KM)
Nizam MuseumCharminar (1 KM)
Purani HaveliCharminar (1 KM)
Laad BazaarCharminar (1 KM)
Madina MarketCharminar (0 KM)
Charminar BazaarCharminar (1 KM)
Begum BazarCharminar (1 KM)
Moazzam Jahi MarketCharminar (2 KM)
CharminarShah Ali Banda (1 KM)
Salar Jung MuseumShah Ali Banda (0 KM)
Chowmahalla PalaceShah Ali Banda (2 KM)
Chudi BazaarShah Ali Banda (1 KM)
Mecca MasjidShah Ali Banda (1 KM)
Nizam MuseumShah Ali Banda (1 KM)
Purani HaveliShah Ali Banda (1 KM)
Laad BazaarShah Ali Banda (1 KM)
Madina MarketShah Ali Banda (0 KM)
Charminar BazaarShah Ali Banda (1 KM)
Begum BazarShah Ali Banda (1 KM)
Moazzam Jahi MarketShah Ali Banda (2 KM)
CharminarShamsherganj (1 KM)
Salar Jung MuseumShamsherganj (0 KM)
Chowmahalla PalaceShamsherganj (2 KM)
Chudi BazaarShamsherganj (1 KM)
Mecca MasjidShamsherganj (1 KM)
Nizam MuseumShamsherganj (1 KM)
Purani HaveliShamsherganj (1 KM)
Laad BazaarShamsherganj (1 KM)
Madina MarketShamsherganj (0 KM)
Charminar BazaarShamsherganj (1 KM)
Begum BazarShamsherganj (1 KM)
Moazzam Jahi MarketShamsherganj (2 KM)
CharminarFalaknuma (1 KM)
Salar Jung MuseumFalaknuma (0 KM)
Chowmahalla PalaceFalaknuma (2 KM)
Chudi BazaarFalaknuma (1 KM)
Mecca MasjidFalaknuma (1 KM)
Nizam MuseumFalaknuma (1 KM)
Purani HaveliFalaknuma (1 KM)
Laad BazaarFalaknuma (1 KM)
Madina MarketFalaknuma (0 KM)
Charminar BazaarFalaknuma (1 KM)
Begum BazarFalaknuma (1 KM)
Moazzam Jahi MarketFalaknuma (2 KM)
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